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Becoming A Free Black Mama- Cassius Life

Young Mama. Single Mama. Poor Mama. Depressed Mama. Married Mama. Anxiety-filled Mama. Divorced Mama. Happy Mama. Free Black Mama.

At some point in my life I have been all of these mamas, and I am still some of them today. They each represent parts of me I am continuously working on, pieces of my identity…

What My Experience Taught Me About Reproductive Justice- Teen Vogue

I’m still growing and learning alongside my daughters now. In more recent years, I have sat down and talked to them about reproductive justice in a way I thought they could really understand…

Jan. 22 is the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that affirms women’s right to abortion, and supports the principle that a woman’s decisions about her body and health that are made with her doctor should not be intruded upon by the government. To mark this momentous decision, Teen Vogue is sharing the stories of real women who have chosen to have an abortion in their lives. Below, is the story of Brittany Mostiller, 32, who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Read more >>

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BET Health

Health Hero: Brittany Mostiller Educates About Reproductive Justice…

In 2007, when Brittany Mostiller, then 23, went to the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) — an organization that helps women pay for pregnancy terminations in their second trimester — she found out she was further along than she suspected. But an abortion for someone as far along as she was cost $900, which was more than she could afford. Thankfully, CAF helped her pay for her procedure — she was already a mother of three. Read more >>

My Voice, My Choice

In My Voice, My Choice, Brittany Mostiller and illustrator Lilly Taing tell the story of Mostiller’s decision to have an abortion as a struggling mother of three living on the South Side of Chicago. The abortion cost $900—equal to Mostiller’s monthly pay at the grocery story where she worked part-time. That experience introduced Mostiller to the work of abortion funds and the concept of reproductive justice—which advocates that all people should have the right to decide whether and when to become parents. Read more>>

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